Doug Watson as "Will Rogers"

"Live your life so that when you lose, you're ahead."

                                                   ---Will Rogers

"Your gifted performance of our American genius . . . was a joy."
                  --James Whitmore

If you are a conference or convention planner, the humor and wisdom of

Doug Watson's "Will Rogers" will give your program just the spark of Oklahoma and American spirit

to delight your audience.

If you are a teacher and want to arrange a free school visit from Oklahoma's "favorite son,"  Watson's Will Rogers

in the Schools presentation--'Will Rogers was not just a Cowboy'--is your best opportunity, and it's a gift

from the Will Rogers Memorial Museums.

If you are a librarian in search of an entertaining humanities program for patrons,
or a retirement center activities director seeking an enjoyable and memorable afternoon or evening for residents, schedule "Conversations with Will Rogers,"
and watch them smile!


     Will Rogers was born part-Cherokee on his father's ranch in Indian Territory in 1879, traveled the world as a young man looking for an opportunity, and then became America's best known entertainer and humorous critic through the Roaring Twenties and into the hardship years of the Depression. 

His stage performances, his movies, his radio and newspaper commentaries on politics and the economy reached into every corner of the nation--delighting many and challenging some "big men" with his ideas of democracy and neighborliness.

     When he died in a plane crash in 1935, he was mourned by Presidents, congressmen, and business leaders, but also by tens of millions of the "big common majority" with whom he identified himself.


     Today, many people continue to read his columns or some of the quotes and quips that come from them, and many wish that the spirit of Will Rogers might somehow revisit our nation. 

     That is what Doug Watson's "Will Rogers" tries to do--bring back part of the humor and wisdom and spirit of Oklahoma's favorite son, one of America's best citizens.

. . . keeping the spirit alive!